Identify some of the major leaders and groups responsible for the founding of the original colonies in North America. 1) Who founded the colony
2) When was the colony founded
3) Why was the colony founded (Political, social, economic, religious)
4) History of the Colony leading up to the French and Indian War
5) Colonies relationship with the Native Americans
6) Slave population

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Colonial map of Delaware between Maryland and Pennsylvania

The colony of Delaware was first visited and seen in 1609 by Henry Hudson and in 1610 by Samuel Argall ("Colonial Delaware History - Delaware Colony Facts.",Web. 22 Aug. 2011). Argall was blown of course on a voyage he was on, finding himself in the bay of Delaware. In 1631, approximately eleven years after the Pilgrims settled in Massachusetts, the first white settlement was established in Delaware. In 1631, the Dutch were in possession of this territory because of a pact of thirty men sent by Captain David Piertson de Vries, to colonize in and around the Delaware Bay. The Dutch had a hard time with the Native Americans that lived there. There was bloodshed and quarreling; all because the Dutch hung up a tin plate bearing the arms of Holland and the Indians knew what it meant and destroyed it. The Dutch fought back, thinking the Native Americans' action of destroying the tin plate was an insult to their mother nation. This is what started the death and destruction of the colony. The next year, de Vries came to see his colony but there was not much left but bodies and ashes (State of Delaware - Redirect Page. Web. 22 Aug. 2011).

Before the Dutch got to the land, the Swedes made their way there as well. Gustavus Aldophus came up with a plan to colonize on the western banks of Delaware. The reason for settling here was to take people from different European nations "to exclude slavery and create a haven from Christiandom"; he created a company to go into the nation and settle. While the Thirty Year's war was happening in Germany, Aldophus' life ended and it left the colony and the company to his successor, Oxenstiern. Oxenstiern secured the services of the company to Peter Minuit to lead the colony in the New World. The Swedes sailed to the new land and called it New Sweden. They purchased lands from the Indians leading all the way to Trenton, building forts and churches as they went. A problem arose when the Dutch claimed the Delaware Valley as part of New Netherland and protested against the Swedes' settlement. New Sweden stayed strong and powerful, withstanding the Dutch. This started, what seemed to be, an interminable battle between the Swedes and the Dutch for the land, England watching over everything that was happening between the two. The Swedes were eventually stomped out after seventeen years of existing in the New World, but continued to influence what the future American would be (History of the USA. Web. 22 Aug. 2011).

Peter Minuit
In 1681, Williams Penn of Pennsylvania took interest in Delaware after going through the Delaware River. The Duke of York signed over the land in the counties of New Castle, St. Jones, and Deale (now Sussex and Kent counties). These three lower counties then were annexed to the Pennsylvania government. 1682, started the dispute between Penn and Lord Baltimore of Maryland for the lower parts of Delaware and exact boundaries of who controlled what parts. This continued on until the end of the colonial period (State of Delaware - Redirect Page. Web. 22 Aug. 2011).

Delaware tried to use Native Americans as slaves but disease and westward migration diminished the number of Indians in the colony. Slave shipping was a big industry for Delaware but slowly started to decline after the English and New Netherland taking over the colony around 1664. The numbers rose again in the eighteenth century when tobacco and corn economies expanded. Most of them were purchased through Pennsylvania. Right before the revolution broke out, twenty to twenty-five percent of the population was enslaved, one of the highest of the northern territories. The Revolution disrupted the economies slave were used for and slave selling was outlawed. In 1797, any slave sold out of Delaware was declared free so it diminished the slave market. The census from 1790 showed that seventy percent of the black population was enslaved and fifteen percent of the territory's population was slave("Slavery in Delaware.",Web. 22 Aug. 2011.)

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