Identify some of the major leaders and groups responsible for the founding of the original colonies in North America.
1) Who founded the colony
2) When was the colony founded
3) Why was the colony founded (Political, social, economic, religious)
4) History of the Colony leading up to the French and Indian War
5) Colonies relationship with the Native Americans
6) Slave population
Key Terms
George Calvert
Lord Baltimore
Cecil Calvert; Lord Baltimore
Act of Toleration (1649)
George Calvert, 1st Lord Baltimore
George Calvert, 1st Lord Baltimore

George Calvert I, or Lord Baltimore, was a Roman Catholic who decided the English laws against Catholicism were too harsh. He had decided to move to Virginia, but when he arrived there he saw the people were as intolerant of other religons as the English. He found an area near the Chesapeake Bay that was only inhabited by natives. He wanted to establish a colony that could be a haven for Catholics seeking out escape from persecution. He sent for a charter to claim it a colony, and was granted a charter that allowed for not only religous freedom within the colony, but also control over legislative procedures within the colony. He died right before the charter was set to come into effect on June 30, 1632, so it was given to his son, Cecil Calvert. Calvert followed his father's example of religous toleration, and he was responsible for the Toleration Act of 1649. It granted freedom of religon, as long as the religon was some form of christianity. The Indians that had been living in the area were paid off, the exact sum is not known, but the Indians leave and are satissfied with the amount.( This would lead to Marylnd having an amicable relationship with the Indians, and the Indians gave up a village they had been living in, which would eventually become the settlement of Saint Mary's. Despite a number of attempts to usurp his power, Cecil Calvert would remain in control until his death, upon which his son became the new leader of Maryland. The king would force Maryland to serve under royal government in 1691, and it would stay under royal influence until 1716, when the rights of Lord Baltimore, at that time still an infant, were restored. He would remain in power until the revolutionary war.

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